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The lists of best places to eat EAT stay STAY & play PLAY are a lot to wade through, but I don’t want to leave anything out that’s worthy of a mention. I thought I’d feature certain places periodically with the top five things I love highlighted. So here goes:

Five things I love at Lake Chelan, not counting the very thing, the lake itself:

floatplane1) The floatplane to Stehekin — that gorgeous lake, cobalt blue against desert tans, the crazy designs of new developments and vineyards, the exhilarating thrill of life airborne. www.chelanairways.com


dawn view2) Dawn from my room at Campbell’s Resort took me by surprise. Opened the curtains gasp! Quick, grab the camera! Step out on my deck just from the shower, naked and all… The most surprising thing is that I was up that early. www.campbellsresort.com


cycling3) Bike riding downhill through apple orchards. Jay Witherbee, former mayor of Chelan, current radio host and bicycle guide said I would coast, probably not even have to peddle. Hah! He was right. Whizzing, fragrant, too much fun except for the two nippy dogs that came dashing out. Friend Dina declined the easy-for-anyone-ride down — she wanted to ride uphill and get a real workout. Sure, me too. Not. www.chelanbicycleadventures.com



bakery4) The Stehekin Bakery. OK, so the food’s so good here I forgot to take pictures. An amazing chicken pot pie wrap that fell over the ends of the plate. And brownies and lemon bars and carrot cake and cupcakes (and cinnamon rolls stowed for breakfast). www.stehekinpastry.com


vineyard5) Wine on the balcony at Benson Vineyards. Reds for me. A luscious 2006 Cab Franc and a smoky 2006 Estate Meritage with rich blackberry undertones. www.bensonvineyards.com



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